How to remember scrum values

All work performed in Scrum is contingent on a set of values as the foundation for the team’s processes and interactions. Teams become instrumental to the health and success of an enterprise by embracing these values. Here’s how to remember them, practically forever.


1. Respect

Make (or imagine) a fist. This is the old way of working. Closed. Rigid. Forceful. Now, raise your thumb. Look at your hand. This is the international gesture for appreciation and approval. It empowers people and builds bridges: Respect!

2. Focus

Open your index finger. This is what you use to point at things you aim for: Focus!

3. Courage

Open your middle finger. At some point, you’re going to need this finger to step outside your comfort zone: Courage!

4. Commitment

Open your ring finger. There’s a reason why it’s called a “ring finger”. People show their commitment to each other and their mutual goals by placing rings on this finger: Commitment!

5. Openness

Open your pinky finger. You’ll notice your hand is now open, allowing you to raise concernes: Openness!


You’re done memorising the five Scrum values.

Now, internalise them, live them and prosper.

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